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U.S. State Facts Crossword Puzzle Printable

U.S. State Facts Crossword Puzzle Printable

Did you ever have to do projects about states when you were a kid? What about memorizing all of the state capitals? I know this may come as a shock to you, since I totally don’t come off as a nerd (wait – why are you laughing?), but I was the kid in class that already had all of the state capitals memorized before we even had to learn them. Yeah. That was me. That also means things like this free U.S. State Facts Crossword Puzzle Printable are my jam.

Studying United States geography and state facts? You'll love this free U.S. State Facts Crossword Puzzle Printable! | state facts | state crossword | United States crossword puzzle

U.S. State Facts Crossword Puzzle Free Printable

While I was making this United States State Capitals Crossword Puzzle free printable, I decided to make another one that was all just random facts about states. These facts are not obscure, so don’t worry. They should be able to be found through online searches.

Though I used the National Geographic Kids United States Atlas while I was making this printable, kids won’t specifically need it to do the puzzle, although I do recommend it as a great resource to have around the house or classroom. Many of the answers are ones they may know already from their history and geography studies. Other facts that they’re not sure about can be found by using reference books or Google.

Note: There is a newer version of the atlas that I used, in case you would like to have the atlas. As of this post update, here is the newest version of the National Geographic Kids United States Atlas.

This puzzle is perfect for upper elementary and middle school students who are studying U.S. History and geography. It might also be appropriate for some high school students. Since the printable is a free instant download, you can feel free to check it out and only use it if it’s the right fit for your students.

The second page of the printable is an answer key for the U.S. State Facts Crossword Puzzle that appears on the first page of the printable.

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U.S. State Facts Crossword Puzzle Printable Terms of Use

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United States State Facts Crossword Puzzle Free Printable | Real Life at Home

Download the United States State Facts Crossword Puzzle (two page document)

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Have problems downloading or clarity issues with the download?  Here are some tips that might help, but the printable should be very clear and crisp.

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